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Product Detail

Level 3 Upgrade Plus Starter Kit

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Level 3 Upgrade Plus Starter Kit

The Level 3 Basic Starter Kit includes:


2 EVOD 1100 Battery

2  t3 or evod 1 Tank

1 USB Charger

1 Large eGo Case

2 Bottles of e-liquid


The EVOD 1100 Battery has a battery life of approximatley 11 hours. The T3 and Evod tank has a replaceable coil inside the tank.  The coil generally lasts anywhere from a week to a month, depending on usage and care.


The EVOD batteries come with a switch-off mechanism in order for you to carry it in your pocket or bag, without risk of it being accidentally activated.

 Click the button rapidly 5-times to set the battery to ON mode, or OFF mode.


This starter kit comes with two batteries so you can always have the same vaping experience even when your primary battery is charging.


 Please comment the following options in comment section below:

1100 Battery Color: available in Yellow, Black, Purple, Green and Crimson

T3 and Evod Tank Color: Available in Black, Red, Clear, Yellow, and Blue


Case Color: available in red, pink, baby blue, green, purple, and yellow


You can also comment and tell us what flavors and strength of nicotine in your e-liquid you would like with the kit. They are all listed on our e-liquid page.  If no comment is left you will receive the 12mg Smooth Tobacco Flavor.


The Kit can also be upgraded to a diffent tank in the option below if you want a different tank. Cost difference is shown in drop down box.

Most of our products have different color options which can be found in the, "Description," tab located on this page. Please be sure to review this section and specify your desired color options during checkout if they exist for this product. During the checkout process there will be a, "Special Instructions," comment box. Please specify your color options in this location and any other special instructions you may have for your product order.