Message from the Founders

A Message from the Founders

My name is Dan Castillo I smoked cigarettes since I was 15 years old. My father always told me how bad they were for me, and my mother was a smoker as well. It wasn’t till the age of 33 that I was able to quit cigarettes for good. See when I was 32 I actually quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey, but picked them up a year later, like I never even quit. This is when things started to change for me. My daughter who was around 6 years old at the time was so upset and worried about me smoking cigarettes. That’s when it hit me that if a 6 year old knows that it is bad for you, and we are the adults. We should know better.

Just like alot of people I picked up my first e-cig ( cig-a-like ) at a gas station. This worked for a while but was never dependable, sometimes it would last a day sometimes it would last a week, and the hit sucked! One day my brother (from another mother) showed me something he ordered off line, and told me to try it. I was a little weary at first. He is one of my crazy friends, and you never know what he has up his sleeve. So I did try it with caution, and omg it was exactly what I was looking for. I never craved for a cigarette again.

It wasn’t till I had ment my wife that we decided to open a vapor shop.

See she went through the same thing I did. The first time we ment was on Memorial Weekend, were my daughter told her the same thing. That she was worried about her and even wrote her a note to ask her to quit smoking cigarettes. So a month or so latter she asked and was curious about the e-cigs, and we had to drive an hour north of our home town to find a vapor shop.

I wasn’t expecting what I saw next. My wife smoked her last cigarette before going into the vapor shop. When we walked into the store, we noticed it was a nice clean shop and even the customers were friendly willing to help us out. It was a melting pot of people inside the vape shop including a mail man, an attorney, and your everyday person. I expecded it to be more like a gas staion, but I was wrong.

After buying her first starter kit, she was invested into it. We spend around what it cost to buy a carton of her cigarette, so she said she has to make it work for at least a week to not have wasted her money. Well a week went buy, 2 weeks, then before we knew it she hadn’t smoked in a month. We were both very impressed.

At this time we were both very much in love with each other ( still are), and both just so happy with life. We had said life was perfect and was very greatfull for everything that we had. The only thing we didn’t enjoy in life was our jobs. See we both were in collections and had to be the bad guys everyday. Knowing and understanding that everyone has hard times, This wasn’t a good job for either of us.

One day we went driving around looking for other vape shops and were talking, wondering why our town did not have one. We put 2 and 2 together, and knew if we both were able to give up cigarettes, that anyone could do it. So we both quit our 9 to 5 jobs and opened up our first shop in Columbia Tn e-Vaperz.

Our doors opened 3 years ago, and since then we have opened several locations in the middle Tennessee area, and now we have decided to expand even more through the world wide web.

We figure if we were able to help thousands of people in our community quit smoking, Then may we can help thousands more in our Country. We are here 120% for our customers and appecated every single one of them, cause we know without you we would not be able to enjoy what we do.


Dan, Amanda, and Raven Castillo

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